What to see and visit in Taormina

If you decide to spend your holiday in Sicily, you really can't miss the enchanting Taormina.

A hidden jewel in the district of Messina, Taormina has little more than 11,000 inhabitants, and is situated approximately 200 meters above the sea level. Its timeless, beautiful and incredible historical and cultural heritage places this town amongst the most visited and appreciated tourist locations - both at a national and international level. This Mediterranean pearl appears to visitors as a huge panoramic terrace, from where visitors can enjoy a breath-taking panoramic view.

The sea of Taormina, with its crystal clear waters, together with its beaches, is one of the most appreciated natural treasures of this area. A wide choice of beaches surrounding this wonderful spot is available for tourists who rent villas in Taormina, but they actually all deserve a visit: Capo S.Andrea, Isola Bella, Baia delle Sirene, Giardini Naxos, Baia di Mazzarò and Letojanni, where the trademark lush vegetation of the Mediterranean reaches its top, giving you one of the most enchanting landscapes you'll ever see.

Taormina has been a privileged destination for noteworthy figures of their time since hundreds of years - including writers such as Brahms, Oscar Wilde, Goethe, William II of Germany, designers and producers, all attracted by the charm of this splendid location as well as the "dolce vita" atmosphere of the town. Taormina itself, as well as the surrounding areas, have been more than once chosen as location for cinema sets.

The ancient theatre offers an enchanting view: from there you can see, all in one, Mt.tna, Giardini Naxos and the Calabri Mountains, the Odeon theatre with Roman origins, the Corvaja palace, and the Palace of Dukes. The ruins of an ancient temple and an antiquary are among the most significant archaeological evidences - most of them anyway are kept inside a tiny museum collecting the most wonderful treasures of the city.

In the city, a great number of luxury Sicily villas are available to choose for your holiday in Taormina. Alternatively, it's possible to enjoy your Sicily holidays from a hotel in Catania, or a luxury hotel in Catania. Taormina really doesn't miss any tourist facility - from hotels and banks to the most characteristic services, such as the cable car that takes you from the centre of Taormina to the sea, offering a breath-taking panoramic view of the whole area.

A lot of accommodation options are available for your holidays to Sicily, including villas in Sicily with pool, holiday villas in Taormina or luxury villa rental in Sicily. You can select from either a luxury villa with pool offering the possibility to enjoy a totally relaxing holiday with all comforts. But when looking for Taormina accommodation, there are more than just villas in Sicily to rent; welcoming and rustic farm holiday solutions are also available, both in Taormina and its surroundings. You can also compare the best hotels in Taormina and choose the accommodation that best suits your needs: the selection is wide and you will surely find the proper solution for your holiday. And the city is of course famous not only for its timeless beauty, deep culture and ancient history: a lot of entertainment opportunities can be found here. Its Greek theatre, that creates a magic and almost surreal atmosphere, has been for years the set of cinema and fashion events, as well as theatre shows that are always welcoming artists from all over the world.